SteadyCare Client Video: Meet Billy and Alice

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We proudly announces the completion of SteadyCare’s latest video project, SteadyCare Client Video: Meet Billy and Alice. After many, many hours of editing, the video is finally done! I think it came out awesome. What do you think? Kudos to the whole team: Valerie Cox, Pattie Marrin, Alice, Billy, Richard Cox, Merri Moran, Janet McKechnie, Maureen Messer, Kevin Moriarty, and Jennifer Cox.

For more information about SteadyCare, please visit their Website at

Bartonville’s Tree of Lights

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In the middle of a field a lone tree stands.  But this is not just any plain ole tree, this is a meticulously strung tree lit for the holiday season that is gaining in popularity in Bartonville, Texas, north of the Dallas/Fort Worth and south of Denton. My brother brought me to see this tree during my latest visit, and although I am not from the area and know very little of the area’s history, I’ve been told that this tree has made the Christmas wonderment sparkle in all who gaze upon it during the holiday season since 2009.  My brief internet search cannot find any images of it on the web prior to that time so I’m going to have to assume the tradition started then.  If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely check it out as it is truly amazing to imagine the work that went into stringing each and every branch.

Dateline: November 30, 2014,
Barrington Hills Blvd, Bartonville, TX

Tree of Light, Bartonville, TX

Black Friday

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Here’s hoping all your Black Friday shopping adventures are full of bargains and stress-free parking lots.  Stay safe and enjoy the turkey leftovers!

Angel Maker

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Angel Maker

My very first “creative” work done in photography.  Created for a school project with the main focus being to learn Photoshop 3.1 (no, that’s not a typo).  I was instantly hooked and it’s been all uphill ever since.  This piece features my best friend who was so patient in posing for the majestic gold figure.  She was not painted gold, that was all done in post by massively playing with the “levels” module to create a metallic appeal.  The baby angels were borrowed from a few well-known 17th Century artists, and the background, well that’s courtesy of NASA’s Hubble Telescope, altered to look more like a runway.

New page populated

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New page populated

I’ve been having a lot of fun today building out one of the Photography pages, namely the Black & White page.  Be sure to check it out, and check back often for additions.  Enjoy!

Photography >> Black & White

Take Stock of Your Brand—It’s How Others See You

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As I was glancing through my local news feed, I came upon the following article, Take Stock of Your Brand—Its How Others See You by Peter Post of The Job Doc Blog, that supports what I’ve been advising my clients about whenever the branding discussion comes up.  While this article bounces between business branding and personal branding, all the concepts are relevant to both branding disciplines.  It’s a great read.

Is WordPress taking over the Web?

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Originally posted in test environment on October 31, 2014:

As you can probably tell, I’ve been playing around with WordPress.  I’ve resisted embracing this technology, preferring to hand code html and CSS in place of wigitized, template-driven programs, but the time has come where too many of my clients have inquired about this trend that I could no longer delay the inevitable.  If you visit here often, you may see the site change at a rapid pace as I try out new templates—I haven’t found one I’m in love with yet, but then again, I’ve only been at it for a day or two.  My first frustration out of the gate is, however, is exactly what I expected: the templates!  More precisely: the limitations of the templates like image sizing and font choices.  I have discovered that some templates give you more freedom over these items and I hope that is the case with whatever theme I end up settling on.  For now, let the games commence!

Update 11/19/14: I’m now using a purchased theme: Deep Focus.  Even so, I’m still playing around with it tweeking it this way and that to get just what I want.  Normally I would not go live with a site at this stage, but the old site was so broken that this incompleted is better than what was up there before.