Bartonville’s Tree of Lights

In the middle of a field a lone tree stands.  But this is not just any plain ole tree, this is a meticulously strung tree lit for the holiday season that is gaining in popularity in Bartonville, Texas, north of the Dallas/Fort Worth and south of Denton. My brother brought me to see this tree during my latest visit, and although I am not from the area and know very little of the area’s history, I’ve been told that this tree has made the Christmas wonderment sparkle in all who gaze upon it during the holiday season since 2009.  My brief internet search cannot find any images of it on the web prior to that time so I’m going to have to assume the tradition started then.  If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely check it out as it is truly amazing to imagine the work that went into stringing each and every branch.

Dateline: November 30, 2014,
Barrington Hills Blvd, Bartonville, TX

Tree of Light, Bartonville, TX

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